Do you need expert solutions and full-service provision that go far beyond the usual measures and promises, and that ensure your company occupies an entirely legally secure position in the market place?


We are compliance experts who can provide the right solutions for your company which ensure that compliance requirements are not negligently infringed and which go far beyond the usual measures and promises – e.g. by having our ECC experts carry out a legally reliable evaluation of your business partners.


It is forbidden to have business dealings and/or business contacts with people, companies or organisations appearing on sanctions lists. Violations and infringements – whether intentional or negligent – are severely punished in every country. Long prison sentences and substantial fines have been established in every country in order to enforce the observance of sanctions. Managing directors and board members, as well as those acting directly, are held to be personally responsible under criminal law in the event of violations or infringements against such sanctions rules. In addition, European and international customs regulations, not to mention preference arrangements and rules of origin, are becoming more complicated all the time. Misjudgements can lead to unnecessary expense or even severe supplementary payments and penalties.


ECC solutions get your company onto solid ground – while reducing your internal costs and resources.


The positions taken by well-known companies in the national and international trade arena are attracting ever greater scrutiny from authorities and "enlightened" consumers. Failings by companies – in all kinds of areas – are exploited by internationally active media groups and can lead to massive collapses in sales and losses in value due to negative reactions on national and international stock exchanges.


The requirement for a reliable and secure supply chain is, therefore, growing all the time. Against the additional background of supply chains that are becoming ever less secure (piracy, natural disasters such as tsunamis and floods, etc.) combined with the concentration of certain manufacturing processes at fewer sites, not to mention increasing customer demands and liability insurance obligations, the importance of having a secure supply chain is gaining greater importance all the time. Modern companies are exposed these days to existential threats in the event of disruptions to their supply chain.


We at ECC have the expertise required to solve your international trade and supply chain issues!